Tom Felton, Abigail Lawrie, Val Kilmer to star in historical biopic Canyon Del Muerto


Canyon Del Muerto will tell the true story of Axtell Morris, who helped discover North America's first civilisation. Press Trust of India October 08, 2020 18:26:19 IST Actor Abigail Lawrie has been roped in to play Ann Axtell Morris, one of America's first female archaeologists, in the true-life historical epic Canyon Del Muerto.

"Elizabeth: The Golden Age." In the film, when Elizabeth arrives at St. Paul's Cathedral, construction is going on. In real life, St. Paul's actually needed repair work. Director Shekhar Kapur decided to improvise, and gave the workers costumes and period tools to cut real stone that was being installed in the cathedral. The workers in the scene are real-life stonemasons and construction workers.

Lawrie is best known for Amazon Prime Video's web series Tin Star and Film Nation and Lantern Entertainment's The Man with the Iron Heart. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Coerte Voorhees, who helmed 2014 legal drama The First Line along with his older brother John Voorhees, will direct the indie project. Joining Lawrie in the film are Harry Potter star Tom Felton, Hollywood veteran Val Kilmer, and Trainspotting star Ewen Bremner. Canyon Del Muerto will tell the true story of Axtell Morris, who helped discover North America's first civilisation.

"The Notebook." According to Nick Cassavetes, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams did not get along at first and Gosling tried to have McAdams replaced. To improve the relationship between the leads, director Nick Cassavetes staged an intervention by bringing them into a room where they could air all the grievances they had with each other and work something out. They soon patched over their differences, enough to become a real-life couple for some time.

Morris was married to Earl Halstead Morris (Felton), who, along with the historical character Sylvanus G Morley (Bremner), offered the inspiration for Indiana Jones, the fictitious archaeologist immortalised on screen by Harrison Ford. Coerte Voorhees said he is looking forward to working on the film when production begins on 26 October. "I want to introduce the story of this heroic and tragic, pioneering woman to audiences around the world because her story was so inspiring to me. We are honoured to be working with Ann's remaining family in addition to the Navajo Nation and National Park Service to retell her story that was lost to time," he added.

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Coerte Voorhees penned the script for the film based on two books by Axtell Morris, who was also an artist and writer and will also produce the film alongside John Voorhees. Some Kind of Wonderful alum Elias Koteas, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides actor Bronson Webb and Hanako Footman, known for the Amazon Prime Video series Absentia, are also part of the cast.